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A graduate of the UOP School of Dentistry, Dr. Nicholls has over 30 years of dental experience, serving patients in the Cloverdale area since 1999. Dr. Nicholls received comprehensive training with CEREC®/CAD-CAM, an was awarded a Top Dentist award in 2010. Please give us a call at 707-894-3986 to discuss your dental needs or visit our contact page for additional information.

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Healthy Teeth and Gums

Your Mouth and Gum Disease

“Gum Disease, A Family Affair” Think of the great things you’ve passed along to your kids: sense of humor, charm, style, wit—why, the list could go on and on of course! Unfortunately, some of the things that get passed from parent to child aren’t that great. One is a predisposition towards periodontitis, or gum disease. […]

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Young Man Smiling With Headphones

A Brighter Smile With Teeth Whitening

You’ve lived this long, you’ve earned it… Teeth Whitening Cloverdale, CA No doubt about it. We’re living longer, we’re living better. All that effort put into diet and exercise is paying off. And while you’re going through your paces on the treadmill, do consider another part of you that might need a bit of improvement: […]

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