Root Canal

Diagram - Root Canal TreatmentRoot canal procedures have been a staple of restorative dentistry for generations and have garnered a negative reputation among patients. Dr. Nicholls is very gentle and considerate of his patients’ comfort while performing this procedure, and he patients often comment on his calm and soothing demeanor. Root canals are used when the root of a tooth dies from untreated infection or trauma. Dead material becomes trapped inside the tooth and, if not treated, begins to decay the surrounding enamel and necessitates a root canal procedure.

To remove the root Dr. Nicholls drills through the top of the tooth to expose the pulp chamber. he then extracts the infected tissue, fills the vacant canal, and further removes some enamel to help fit the tooth with a porcelain dental crown. While the crown is being fabricated at an outside dental laboratory, Dr. Nicholls will cover the tooth temporarily. At your follow up appointment to Richard Nicholls, DDS, the crown will be fitted and bonded into place.

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