Patient Reviews

Certified reviews from some of our patients.

My first visit was wonderful. I have never had a dentist spend enough time with me to actually explain what was needed for my teeth and carefully explain my options. Actually looking forward to my next visit. The staff is extremely helpful too. Ellie Naill (January 11, 2017) via Facebook

Great dentist and kind, gentle man. I recommend him highly! Jane Coffey (July 12, 2016) via Facebook

I just visited Dr. Nicholls this morning, but he spent over two hours with me! His pleasant, friendly staff coupled with his mild manner made me actually enjoy myself! While I have a lot of dental work in the near future, I look forward to better dental health and a beautiful smile. If you have ANY fears of dentists, go see Dr. Nicholls. He is the most thorough dentist I have ever had…in my 67 years. Jane C. (March 4, 2015) via Yelp

Thank you for getting me in so quickly! And thank you for the pain free root canal! See you in the new year. Chris Hargrave (December 10, 2014) via Facebook

I needed immediate care for the extraction of a broken molar. Dr. Nicholls & staff made an unpleasant process as pleasurable as could be. The entire procedure was handled the same day as the original appointment. Excellent Dentist! Marques V. March 6, 2014 via Yelp

Great dentist, friendly and quick. great price too! Sarah Katherine S. (November 13, 2013) via Yelp

Dr. Nicholls is an excellent dentist! He identified a problem with a tooth that my former fancy-schmancy San Francisco dentist had overlooked. His equipment is modern and he uses the latest dental techniques. I’ve been a patient for over a year and am very happy with the work that he has done. I highly recommend him. Marilyn M. (April 20, 2012) via Yelp