Replace Missing Teeth

Dental Crown
After a lot of tooth structure has been lost, your choices are limited. You could try a filling, extraction, or put a crown on the tooth.

A filling may be an alternative, but there has to be enough tooth structure to hold the filling in place. If not, biting forces can cause the tooth to break. After a tooth breaks, it often requires much more extensive treatment, sometimes even extraction.

An extraction would only be a short-term solution because teeth need each other for support. A missing tooth sets off a chain reaction of shifting teeth, receding jawbone, increased risk for decay and gum disease, and other dental problems. If you choose to delay treatment, the tooth may break and require extraction, or bacteria can get into the pulp of the tooth causing pain and requiring root canal therapy. A crown seals out plaque and bacteria, covers and protects the tooth, and restores its strength and shape. That’s why we recommend a crown to help keep your tooth and smile healthy.

During your appointment at our Cloverdale office, Dr. Nicholls will remove any damaged or decaying enamel to make room for the crown before making a mold of the affected area. Making the mold ensures that your crown will be perfectly fitted to your mouth’s specifications. Colored to match your natural shade of tooth enamel, the crown will be indistinguishable from the surrounding teeth. When prepared, the crown is then slipped over the remains of the old tooth and bonded into place, making a strong restoration that can be used just as you do your normal teeth. For dental crowns in Cloverdale, contact our office today.

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